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Instructor: Mr. Emerson Lai
Course: Attitude and Motivation
Course content

Utilize all staff at work
Positive attitude; improving efficiency
Success begins from the mind
Motivation is the power
Active future is held in my hands

Instructor: Mr. Emerson Lai
Course: Strain and Benefits
Course content

Be adaptable
Become better
Innovation creates the future
The intelligence of handling stress and emotion Utilize the emotional ability to improve work efficiency

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Instructor: Mr. Emerson Lai
Course: Leadership and Team
Course content

Manage yourself and lead others
NLP Leadership
Essence in Leaders communicate 
Unite the organization to obtain greater the benefit
Creative potential in the team

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Instructor: Mr. Emerson Lai
Course: NLP
Course content

Excellent NLP selling
Creative way of NLP
Be energetic, breakthrough in selling
Success of NLP
Management approach of NLP

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Instructor: Mr. Emerson Lai
Course: Insurance Leadership Training
Course content

The first day
Enhancing staff skills
Communication skills 
Convincing skills
Screening skills
Turnover skills
The next day
Training skills
Monitoring skills
Leadership skills
Planning skills 
Team skills

Instructor: Mr. Li Chan Wing
Course: Marketing Skills
Course content

Understand customers’ need in depth
Find out the value of a product or service that can meet customer need
Get good at dealing with customers’ opposite opinion and take the its advantage to build closer relationship

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Instructor: Mr. Li Chan Wing
Course: Become a social expert
Course content

New trend of management
Accelerate Learning
Work-life balance

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Instructor: Mr. Li Chan Wing
Course: Cope with troublesome customers
Course content

The category of criticism by troublesome customers
The conditions that troublesome customers rely on
The general principles to cope with troublesome customers
Different reference of different sectors

 Course: Brand value increasing strategy
Course content

The international brand valuation methods
The valuation methods of two international famous brand valuation companies
Measure brand value elements and their proportion
How to quantifying the value of the brand element 
Calculation method of brand value
Targeted strategy of brand value

 Course: Performance Management and Implementation Ability
Course content

Inspire participants to rethink via introducing foreign example
Solve problems by thinking. This section describes some of the "find a way" tool
Communication skills
Planning and Implementation
Summary activity
Summary: The secret to a work happily

 Course: High-end brand operation strategy
Course content

What is a brand? How does a brand affect customers’ decisions?
The polarization of international retail industry - online sale and becoming high-end
Common myths of brand strategy 
Enterprise identification system
Elements of senior brand operational
Service design

 Course: Cross-Cultural Negotiation Skills
Course content

Measure the gap between the two sides’ culture from different perspective
Analysis of the effect of corporate structure in its negotiators’ behavior
How to adjust negotiation strategy according to culture difference
Common techniques and fallacies in negotiation
Targeted strategy of adding brand value

 Course: BPR Project Management
Course content

Business process restructuring foundation
Five major stages of BPR project cycle
Initiation stage
Strategy making stage
Planning stage
Implementation stage
Summary stage

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Instructor: Mr. Yim Wai
Course: Professional training internal trainers
Course content

Common ice-breaking techniques and purpose
Role and task of trainers
The training focus and methods
The training curriculum design and presentation
The practice of training professional 

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Instructor: Mr. Fong Man Hing
Course: Leading human resources and the future of the corporate
Course content

Post-industrial age and enterprises under globalization
Financial reporting and analysis
Strategic and measures under uncertain environment
Evaluate business decisions
Commercial case study
Design, manage and improve the operating mode
Human resources marketing interface management: Goals, opportunities and challenges
Strategic change in technology and business innovation

Anchor 12

Instructor: Mr. Chan Sai Hung 
Course: Managerial Accounting
Course content

How to use motor
Differences between the financial and managerial accounting
Cost terminology, concepts and classification
Cost characteristics: Analysis and Uses
Cost absorption of the service sector
What is my performance? - Financial Statement Analysis

Anchor 13

Instructor: Dr. Feng Nan Shi  
Course: From technology to management - Manager implementation
Course content

The role recognition of manager
From technology to management
Team building and management
Management communication skills
From management to leadership
Action plan

Anchor 14

Instructor: Dr. Feng Nan Shi  
Course: Implementation of MTP management
Course content

The role recognition of manager
Objectives and Project Management
Authorization, motivation and counseling subordinates
Management decisions
Team building and management
Management communication

Anchor 15

Instructor: Dr. Feng Nan Shi  
Course: Building and management of efficient team 
Course content

Principles of team building
First stage of team building - Establishment
Second stage of team building - A changing period
Third stage of team building – Stable period
Fourth stage of team building - High Yield Period

Instructor: Mr. Cao Yu Kai  
Course: Team implementation ability building 
Course content

The first part: Understanding of executive ability
Introduction to implementation ability
Motivation and resistance of implementation
The second part: Building team with efficient implementation
Efficient team building
Teams vision planning
Ensuring team implementation

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Instructor: Mr. Cao Yu Kai  
Course: Post 80s Leadership 
Course content

Dredging - To build a harmonious working relationship
Inspiring - Construction work mentality Sunshine
Coaching - To enhance leadership skills

Anchor 18

Instructor: Ms. Li Bing   
Course: Art of communication and relationship coordination
Course content

Communication content
Communication features
Communication form
The basic steps of effective communication
Specific skills for effective communication
The relationship coordination between different targets
Analysis of the common communication barriers

Instructor: Ms. Li Bing   
Course: Sales Etiquette
Course content

Elegant posture practice of sales personnel 
Visit and reception etiquette sales staff 
Sales staff etiquette - Effective ways for maintaining customer relationships
The language etiquette and communication methods of salespeople
Negotiation etiquette salespeople

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Instructor: Mr. Zhong Ting Hui    
Course: Emotional stress management
Course content

What is emotion?
Type of emotion, common emotional problems
Ten steps of emotion and self-management
NLP techniques for emotion regulation
Self emotional management skills
Way to deal with others’ emotion
What is stress? Source of stress
Psychic meditation and stress relief methods

Anchor 21

Instructor: Mr. Zhong Ting Hui    
Course: Sales staff inspiration and potential development
Course content

Potential inspiration
Good attitude that sales staff should have
From passive to active selling
How can salespeople relax, relieve stress
What is stress? Source of stress
Psychic meditation and stress relief methods

Anchor 22

Instructor: Mr. Chen Yu    
Course: Client manager marketing skills
Course content

Essential qualities of client managers
Understand the customer
Product Analysis
The relationship marketing
Customer relationship maintenance

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