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BWC High Quality Education

Apart from financial education services, we also provide training for professionals and senior managers in Guangdong province to cater for the increasing demand.

We introduce Executive Development Program (EDP) and promote international EMBA program for ambitious young leaders to seek a breakthrough in their career and get them prepared. As international trade is increasingly globalized, the markets are more interdependent and keen international competition simulates the need of business talent in China. We work with the most popular business school in Paris, Ecole Supérieure de Gestion to promote international EMBA courses in Guangdong Province, targeting professionals with an international perspective, and let the rest of the world -renowned professors to demonstrate share theory and experience. This also provides a chance for business managers and professionals to exchange experiences and ideas of in their career, and to make a breakthrough in personal development and organizational change.

Tailored courses of BWC financial education are to improve the capacity and efficiency of the talents, and to focus on different aspects of personal development and the organization. As different business face various problems, the demand for training is different. While the active participation is the key to the success of the courses, our courses are unique. We cooperate with corporation to design diversified courses in an attempt to achieve better result of the training. We use advance and efficient theories and practical tools to make a winning strategy. Our training not only inspires the whole company to make more efficient decision and to increase the confidence of the companies to make decisions. We introduce the knowledge, technology and experience which are essential for current business world. They consist of leadership, social skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, negotiation skills across different culture, project management skills and etc.

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