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BWC Training in the Financial Sector

The global financial markets change rapidly. The diversity and complexity of financial products are increasing. As a result, concerning the numerous products in the market, keen competition within the industry, and the close supervision by government and regulatory bodies, financial industry players should access the latest information instantly to recognize market changes and corresponding strategies can thus be formed. In other words, strengthening employees’ skills and enhancing employees’ knowledge are the elementary task. It covers product analysis, market analysis, risk control, marketing, market information consolidation and analysis and enhancement of department operation.

The China financial market has its unique culture and system but it will be eventually in pace with the rest of the world in a foreseeable future. As a result, financial institutions must keep abreast of international financial knowledge and keep renovation. It can help to speed up reformation of the local financial market.

BWC is keen on nurturing professionals and talents of the financial industry. The course combines both theory and practice. The professional teaching team is formed by experienced experts from Hong Kong and international financial markets. They are keen on education, and have accumulated valuable teaching experience in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta region.  We are privileged to have this opportunity in contributing to the future development of our Mainland China financial market.


Course main directions:
Marketing Course
2) Financial Product Course
3) Management Course
4) Professional Certification Course

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