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Hong Kong Instructors
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Mr. Emerson Lai Profile

Mr. Lai obtained the United States NLP Senior Executive qualification
He established "Emerson Lai Training"in 1991 (Emerson & Associates)
The style of training is inspiring
Over the past 20years, he held lots of seminar and made numerous speeches
He has served in the Bank of China(Hong Kong) Limited, IBM etc.

Attitude and Motivation
Strain and Benefits
Leadership and Team
Insurance Leadership Training

Mr. Li Chan Wing Profile

He graduated from the City University of Hong Kong with a degree of EMBA.

He also obtain the bachelor degree of Communication from Hong Kong Baptist University
He worked in the news media industry for over 20 years
He mainly engaged in corporate training, business, public relations, media consultants, etc.
He has taught at Dongguan Communist Party School, Hong Kong Baptist University,

Chinese University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong
He has served in CICC, HSBC Finance(Hong Kong), Hong Kong Disneyland

Marketing Skills
Become a Social Expert
Cope with troublesome customers

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Mr. Yim Wai Profile

Master of Applied Multimedia Science
The earliest multimediaand computer professional and technical training instructorin Hong Kong
Focus on theresearch work of adult education and training
Has worked in Hong Kong Polytechnic University, UNiSOFT

Professional internal trainers

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Mr. Fong Man Hing Profile

MBA Degree of University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management
Visiting professor of City University of Hong Kong and Shanghai University MBA
Contract Senior Consultant of Education and Manpower Bureau oh HKSAR
Chief adviser of BWC Financial Education

Leading human resources and the future of the corporate

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Mr. Chan Sai Hung Profile

Bachelor of Economics of University of London, and MBA degree, City University of Hong Kong
Member of the Committee on Strategies of Certified General Accountants Association of Canada
Appointed by the Hong Kong SAR Government as the member of DSS school governance and internal controls team
Used to lead the acquisition of Canada Scotiabank

Managerial Accounting

Mainland Instructor
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Dr. Feng Nan Shi Profile

PhD degree in management of Beijing Normal University Management School
Senior Management Consultant of ZTE School
Senior Project Manager, Lecturer of Huawei
Expert in modern business management studies.
Used to hold training for Hong Kong CSL, China Telecom Group
Trained over 25,000 participants

From technology to management - Manager Implementation
Implementation of MTP Management
Building and Management of Efficient team

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Mr. Cao Yu Kai Profile

Zhongshan University, Jinan University EMBA Distinguished Lecturer
Foxconn Group, Entrepreneurs Association Distinguished Lecturer
Want Want Group (Top 500) marketing director
Keen on research of traditional culture and business management, practice in human resource management,

marketing team building and management, leadership and communication training

Team implementation ability building
Post 80s Leadership

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Ms. Li Bing Profile

Register National Etiquette Trainer
Research services etiquette (finance, hotels and hospitals), business etiquette, professionalism

and communication, etc.
Senior Lecturer of School of Tourism and Geography, Guangdong Shaoguan University
 Awarding staff and receptionist etiquette skills coach of the 24th National Games of Guangdong Province
Served in Guangdong Immigration Inspection Department, China Construction Bank, etc.

Art of Communication and Relationship Coordination
Sales Etiquette

Mr. Zhong Ting Hui Profile

Guest lecturer of Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University,

president class of the Hong Kong Institute of Finance
Mentality and Team building expert
Worked in China Mobile, Guangdong Development Bank, Tsinghua University president class, Lenovo Group

Emotional stress management
Sales staff motivation and potential development

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Mr. Chen Yu Profile

Master in Finance of Beijing Technology and Business University, Tsinghua University
Former lecturer of western economics of Jiangxi University
Senior marketing manager of financial exhibition, IBM, Yucheng, etc.
In 2011, provided training for third-party financial institution (CHG wealth), to achieve sales goals of 10 Billion
Served in ICBC, China Ping An, Audi, etc.

Client manager marketing skills

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