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2012 Summer Internship

BWC Finance Group is committed to fulfill Corporate Social Responsibilities and contribute to the community. It has been conducting Internship Programs to nurture talents for past years. The internship program lasts for eight weeks. During the period, students could experience the day-to-day work in a commercial institution as well as to gain in-depth knowledge of the financial industry. Through various practical exercises, these tertiary educated students could not only learn more financial and economic knowledge but also put what they have learnt into practice. Students joined the internship program is provided with an opportunity to understand more about the actual business world, to experience the kind of talent needed for investment corporations and to work out projects in a business environment. Such training provides a bank of talents to BWC for further development. Outstanding students would probably be employed by BWC after graduation.

The Summer Internship Program 2012 organized by BWC is the 3rd one. This year, 18 elites have been selected from all the tertiary education institutes in Hong Kong. The interns were divided into several teams to perform tasks of different types and sizes together. Moreover, there were over ten different awards for them to compete with each other. Such arrangement enabled them to experience the spirit of team work through project completion and to bring out their potentials in order to win the awards.


Keeping its well-proven good practice, internship program of this summer provides lectures in various investment products such as securities, funds and forex. In addition, experts also shared their valuable experience and skills in practical application of such basic knowledge. By such arrangement, the program takes care of both theory and practical skills. Furthermore, interns were given chances to participate planning and delivering different marketing projects. Through such practices, they understand the operation of different departments more in a financial institution.

Riding on the solid ground of previous internship programs, several new elements have been added in this year’s summer internship program. Interns are involved in the planning and organization of large-scale investment seminar, visited a variety of financial institutions and attended fund talks, helped to produce video films for mobile APPS programs, shared career development experience with different department managers, etc. Such new elements provided them with insights in more diversified aspects. Moreover, they were invited for a trip to the BWC Financial Education Center in Nanhai. Local Government officials have specially explained to them about the development layout of the Nanhai High-tech Economic Zone. This valuable chance has broadened the horizon of the interns to a macro level.


BWC internship program has not only nurtured talents for the finance industry but also provided an invaluable opportunity for students to understand actual business operation as preparation for their career development after graduation. This is one of the ways for BWC to fulfill its Corporate Social Responsibility.



Yung Lok Man, Derek, HKUST, Mathematics and Economics


After this intern program, I have benefitted a lot in various areas. First, the morning briefing session everyday is the part that I find most inspiring with. With the detailed and easy-to-understand presentations by Michael and Tony, I have developed much higher interest in analyzing the effects of news to financial markets.Also, the opportunities for me to interact with different department heads due to the marketing task are precious to me. Throughout the interview, they are willing to share the prospects of the related industry as well as the career path of themselves. These all help me to make better decision of my future career path.”


Rico Kan, HKU, Economics and Finance

“Excellent experience. Apart from knowing many nice and professional people from this program, the BWC internship program is an unique program compared to the others. It offers different opportunities to interns in order to help us to understand the financial world in deep insight, and has given me meaningful inspiration and a great experience during these two months. Definitely an internship that cannot be missed.”

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