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Professionals with In-depth Knowledge

BWC brings together talented professionals who possess an in-depth knowledge of both Hong Kong and overseas markets.  The well-seasoned team has served retail and institutional clients for many years with a wide range of services.

Multinational and Diversified

Our people are from different countries with different backgrounds. This kind of diversification makes our culture open and lively. Our attitudes are driving new ideas, adding diverse skills and improving operational excellence; enabling our people to perform their very best in every field.

Quality and Reliable Service

By capitalizing on Hong Kong, an international financial and investment hub, we have dedicated ourselves to becoming the ideal partner of our clients. Through our professional knowledge and management team, we achieve a consistent, reliable and high-quality service to our clients which we see as a key ingredient to our continued business success.

Client-focused and Dependable

One of the most important factors in our continuing success is our customers’ trust. We constantly strive to anticipate the rapidly changing needs of our clients and to develop new services to meet those needs. We understand that in the ever fast and revolving world, complacency can lead to failure.

Teamwork and Networking

We emphasize and strengthen the importance of teamwork. While individual creativity is highly encouraged, we have found that a team effort often produces the best results. Teamwork makes the most of our employees’ rich experience and their ability to network with professionals in a wide variety of fields. By using teamwork and networking, we gain acute insights into the way markets are developing while creating intelligent strategies to deal with those developments.


We are dedicated to innovation in our products and services. We strive for the latest and advanced technology to enhance capability so that we deliver a consistently valuable service to our clients.

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