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Outlook of Financial Investment Strategies in 2013

In order to provide an opportunity for talents from banks and securities companies to share opinions and get latest news about the financial market, BWC Financial Education conducted a seminar in Westin Hotel, Guangzhou on December 8th, 2012. In the seminar, we specially invited Mr. Simon Yung, Director, Head of Warrant Sales, Equity Structured Product Sales, Financial Markets, Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited, as the guest speaker, to talk about the functions and features of equity derivatives. His talk mainly focused on analysis on application of derivative products, factors that drive equity markets up and down and the potential risks of the equity market.

Besides, another two main speakers, BWC Executive Vice President Global Forex Wealth Strategist, Mr. Joseph Li along with BWC Vice President of Wealth Management Department, Mr. Brian Siu, analyzed the economy of major countries, outlook of major currencies and direction of the foreign exchange market. Moreover, they also shared the investment hot spots, such as the performance of specific funds, the development opportunities in emerging markets and so on.

Finally, the seminar was held successfully with great supports from banks and securities companies. In the seminar, the attendees all gave reactions actively, and raised questions from time to time. Meanwhile, our speakers also tried the very best to answer the questions within limited time. After the event, attendees even seized the opportunity to share their views on economy of Mainland China and Hong Kong, and their investment experiences. All of the participants gave us positive feedbacks and showed that they hoped for more financial seminars, so as to know more about the global financial markets.

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