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Financial Education Seminar Serials 2012
Hopkins Training & Education Groups 4.26 seminar
"Looking into the Global Economic Perplexity and Investment Guide of 2012"

BWC Capital Markets is going to co-organize a series of financial educational seminars allied with Hopkins Training & Education Groups. The first session, titled "Looking into the Global Economic Perplexity and Investment Guide of 2012", has been kicked off with a great success on 26th of April 2012. There are 20 students, mainly working at management level, joined the seminar. Most of them are studying MBA programs in universities partnered with Hopkins.

Focuses of the seminar were to analyze the market trend and to provide guides on how investors could reduce investment risk by correctly picking the most-profitable sectors in the financial market. The seminar was conducted by our experienced colleagues. They covered global economic analysis and market highlights. They have also demonstrated the process of choosing profitable funds and stocks and how we provide professional advices to our clients.

Feedbacks from participants are very positive and insightful. They raised queries, from fundamental knowledge to global economics issues, actively and interacted with our speakers for information towards the markets and investment strategies. The operation for derivatives is explained as well.

The next session of the seminar series is scheduled in Mid July which will be focused on Wealth Management! Interested party should follow our news feed for participation.

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