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Credit Suisse Investment Tactics Seminar

The end of the first quarter of 2012 is closing in and investors are divided with a mixture of outlooks toward the market. Despite the European debt crisis seemed to bound to worsen, the PRC government simultaneously had begun to loosen its monetary policy. How will these factors affect the Hong Kong's stock market? Which segment should the investors allocate their capital for profit? BWC and Credit Suisse together have organized an investment seminar on February 23, 2012, to provide a clearer trend for the general investors. BWC cordially invited our company's Chief Economist to share his analysis regarding his hindsight on the coming quarter and the ripple effect from European debt crisis and mainland monetary policy on the Hong Kong stock market. In addition, our Investment Associate from our Securities and Investment Management Division has provided his analytic stock selections and outperforming sectors as an investment idea for the audience. Mr. Ivan Ho and Mr. Penny Li from Credit Suisse have fruitfully educated our attendees with their knowledge on CBBC, Warrants and their investment strategy. The seminar concluded with our lucky draw and Q&A session as investors left rewardingly.

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