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About iCity

iCity Project ( "Project" ) is located in Hengqin New Area, Zhuhai, Guangdong, and in Hengqin Free Trade Zone. The project is a comprehensive cultural and creative development project. In April 2014, iCity project developed by BWC and Macao partner has been chosen as one of the 33 projects that are eligible to develop in Hengqin Guangdong-Macao Co-operation Industrial Park out of 89 candidate projects. During July 2014, the project became one of the first seven projects that were allowed to start construction in Hengqin Guangdong-Macao Co-operation Industrial Park and is expected to be finished in 2019.

Practical professional education and multi-media are the core businesses of iCity project which will be equipped by facilities for convension and event as well as offices. Meanwhile, iCity would apply state-of-the-art construction designs. iCity is located in the junction of Hengqin Road and Tianyu Road in Hengqin new area with total area of 56,905.82m2 and total gross floor area of 131,157.50m2 . Vast area is therefore considered the prerequisite for the development of our diversified business. Given advanced techniques and facilities, we would take full advantage of the area to build an extraordinary iCity. In line with the the Hengqin landscape design concept “by the castle peak, green water dependency”, iCity will retain 30% of the total area as green area, to ensure that our guests or clients can enjoy the environment coordinating both high-tech and the nature. 

Distance between the location of the project and the Lotus Bridge is around 10-minute by car. The Lotus Bridge connects Hengqin with Macao's Cotai with the shortest distance of less than 200 meters between two areas. In the foreseeable future, the Guangzhou-Zhuhai Light Rail and Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Railway will enhance the convenience of transportation between iCity and Macao. In addition, it only takes few minutes to get Hengqin Light Rail station from iCity by car. Upon completion of extension of Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Railway, iCity will be closely connected to the main cities in Guangdong. Convenient transportation and the gradually improving integrated transport system will allow iCity to have an excellent location, which would facilitate iCity’s adherence to the direction and goals of corporation among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, in turn boosting broad-based development in three areas. More importantly, we will bring advanced techniques and knowledge to iCity, in order to provide high-qualified services for our clients all over the world.

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