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2011.12.13 BWC Press Conference – Sluggish Economic Growth Under Euro Debt Crisis Shadows

In a word, economy was stormy in 2011. US and Euro debt crises have been everyday's headlines while the situations were further worsened by actions from rating agencies. Uncertainties have grown and will continue growing, as US, China and some European nations' government handovers under process. In view of this, BWC Capital Markets Chief Economist, held a press conference on 13th December, 2011. We shared our forecast to 2012 that the economy is likely to continue to be under pressure as lingering worries over a global economic slowdown will keep investors cautious.

As economies slow down, we also gave our view on potential interest rate movements and investment environments across the globe in 2012. After the conference, we discussed about current investment strategies of securities, funds, investment direction and other issues with the reporters. The event ended in a warm atmosphere.

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