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2011.9.26 BWC Press Conference – Europe Debt Crisis Raging The Whole World

Europe Debt Crisis has been severely raging the whole world economy. In view of this, BWC Capital Markets Chief Economist held a press conference on 26th September 2011.

The debt crisis in the European region has been deepening. Governments are facing large debt deficit while credit rating slashed making bond yield rises. Facing debt crisis, stress test result among the European Banks is also pessimistic. At the same time, the economy is slowing down in Europe, so European banks are facing high risk of European debt which cannot be ignored.

Currently, all countries are concerned about the risk of European debt. At the same time, Southeast Asian countries such as China and Japan also worry about the U.S. debt crisis. At present, the U.S. economy is just slightly rebounding and the U.S. property market remains dark. The Congress failed to control its budget deficit in the short term. Credit rating companies may cut the future long-term U.S. government bonds rating again. Federal Reserve will not change the interest rate for the second half year. Facing the deepening debt crisis in Europe and America, the implementation of the third round of quantitative policy is quite possible.

We invited famous media reporters from mainland and Hong Kong to attend this press conference. We took the opportunity to analyze the world trend of interest rates and the direction of large investment environment under the condition that global inflation continues to heat up. Our Economist also challenged the economic development in Hong Kong, as Asia's financial center and so on. After the presentation, our economist and the reporters started to discuss current investment environment about securities, funds, investment direction and other issues. Finally our economist shared his lament on the current economic situation to reporters: the stock market is just like life, there are always ups and downs, why so desperate? The press conference ended in a warm atmosphere.

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