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"126 Trading Strategy" workshops

A series of "126 Trading Strategy" workshops were held

During the first quarter of 2013. The topics for discussion were "mastering gold, equity and forex markets through the use of moving average line" and "predicting gold, equity and forex markets trends through the use of the moving average line". Thanks for the support of clients that all workshops were very well received.

We have cordially invited the champion of "BWC 2012 Online Forex Competition", Mr. Davis Yu, to teach the ways to apply the moving average line to capture market trend. Mr. Yu is well known for his in-depth studies in technical analysis and trading psychology. The result of his research and trading method is called "126 Trading Strategy" which is applicable to gold, equity, forex and futures markets. A stable monthly return on investment is expected at the rate of 10% or more for those taught by Mr. Yu and fully understand and implement the "126 Trading Strategy".。

The response of participant of the workshops was very positive. They hope that Mr. Yu would continue to organize workshops to teach some more skills to apply the moving average line. Among various feedbacks, Mr. Cheng thinks his ability to apply technical analysis was effectively strengthened after joining the workshop. Ms. Chung intends to study more relevant skills of technical analysis further while Mr. Ha was completely satisfied with the overall arrangements of the workshops.BWC will continue to organize various types of financial seminars and workshops, and invite the public to participate and share financial knowledge.

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